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Sample Environments

Giorgos Tserionis
Katerina Zafeiropoulou


In the show Giorgos Tserionis presents drawings and sculptures. Language is an important element in the practice of the artist. Cut and folded book pages (real or drawn) with references to origami as a process, a dynamic process in progress open to interpretations as a Deleuzian approach to the notion of folding.

Katerina Zafeiropoulou presents drawing on multiple layers of materials such as paper and glass, depicting images and objects through their outline- all of which combined create a familiar environment, immediately perceived by the viewer, creating a unified space and challenging the boundaries between the ‘interior’ and the ‘exterior’.

In a fruitful and creative meeting, the compositions of Giorgos Tserionis and Katerina Zafeiropoulou coexist, searching for common contact points and codes of constructing meaning in one visual environment. Each of the artists proposes his own version of memory, social realities and human condition at a critical time of transition and redefinition.

In Giorgos Tserionis work the fantastic arrests, fragmentation and fragments, the process of deconstruction and transformation, the parameters of time, experience and history, as well as the concept of utopia, play a leading role. His compositions, ambiguous and unconventional, meet their recipient by activating his cognitive mechanisms, seeking his emotional involvement, inviting him and challenging him to take part in a personal and by definition, collective experience. Drawings of hands that hold pages of dictionaries with the etymology of the word “utopia” and plastered books with the same word engraved on their cover, ceramic models of an unexpected Babel Tower, or imprints of a monument with hands braided in prayer are presented and evaluated as exhibits of a fantastic, and current actual and contemporary, museum of “troubled times”.

Between the interior (private) and exterior (public) space, Katerina Zafeiropoulou presents the fluid limits of an intermediate world constantly changing, who is tightly “inhabited” by objects of aesthetic design. The intensity, the precision and the delicacy, the elegance and the density of the linear elements that define the objects contours and are developed on superimposed transparent surfaces (on the base of which are the photographs) create a feeling of ambiguity, create complex lattices, labyrinthine paths. Katerina Zafeiropoulou “narrates” stories; their core reveal the relationship, connection and dependence of people on objects but also concepts such as ownership, accumulation, intimacy and loss. All these objects, which overwhelm human life and the every day, carry memories and compose a paradoxical museum, an incomplete cultural “archive” of social structures, relationships and realities.

 Giannis Bolis – Art historian, curator of the State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki

This exhibition wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration of DL Gallery, thank you!


Short Bio

Giorgos Tserionis

Born in 1967. Studied at “Vacalo” school of graphic arts, and in the Athens school of fine arts. He has presented 16 solo shows and has participated in more than 30 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He curated the following exhibitions: Unexpected Expedition, (Remap 2009), “Descending Utopia-New Realities” (About, 2012),”The distant relative of a blind man” (About,2012), “The Cabinet” (Remap 4,2013),”Save” (Pindaros hotel,2013). He is a member of the artist run group “Provo Principles”,(2011-… )Lives and works in Athens , Greece

Katerina Zafeiropoulou

Born in 1980. She graduated with honors from the School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2001-2006). She has awarded a scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation. She graduated from the MFA Byam Shaw, Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design of London (2008-2009), as recipient of the Christos and Kalliopi Lemos Foundation, P. Bakala Institute Scholarship of Greece, Nikolaos Koukouflis Foundation Award. She has presented 3 solo shows and has participated in more than 20 group exhibitions and art-projects in Greece and abroad (DL gallery, ΕΝΙΑ gallery, CASK gallery, Depo Darm Contemporary Art Space, Museum of Gastronomy, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Studio One London, Creta Maris Hotels, Tellogleio Art Foundation). Her artworks are part of many public and private collections in Greece and abroad. She lives and works in Athens. Represented by DL gallery, Piraeus.