Nitra Gallery

Nitra Gallery is the continuation of Atrion (founded in 1994). When Atrion turned to Nitra in 2013, under the initiative of Aliki Tsirliagkou, it moved to a new location at the centre of the city’s arts community in the roman agora neighborhood. Since then, the Gallery has played an important role in presenting Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki. Four years later, in 2017, Nitra opened a second space in the heart of Athens, in Kolonaki. During the years of their operation, the two venues have actively promoted Contemporary Art. The exhibition program presents emerging and established Greek and international artists who work with a wide range of practices, from painting to mixed and digital media. In addition to the two venues, the Gallery engages with a wide range of off-site projects and initiatives in order to facilitate the artistic discourse. Furthermore, and since 2020, a new venture was born, in order to facilitate the applied Art needs of the luxury hospitality sector: ArtSpark Consultants.

And our mission? Nitra aims to facilitate the communication of the artistic practice to the different audiences. Therefore, she aspires to be a place that brings positive experiences to all people entering the gallery: collectors, art professionals, enthusiasts and artists.

After all, we love living with Art. And we want everyone to join!