We create works of art together with eighteen artists!

Because if artists don’t know art.. who does?

At Nitra Gallery we are all day long among artists who bring us beautiful paintings and other artworks to put on our walls! And do you know how many cool ideas these artists have? How many things are they come up with and create? So now that we spend so many hours at home, we asked them to suggest us a cool art piece to do together!

For this we will need the help of a grownup! It could be your mom or dad, after all some of them are designed for you to do together !!

Hope you have a great time & don’t forget to tell mom and dad to send photos of to us! The artists will be so happy to see them!

It’s time to start! Click on the rainbow and… be the artist!

We stay home. We stay Creative.

How can Art help us today? How can Art help us today practically, in these unprecedented conditions? How can it help us increase the stimuli we get and express ourselves when we are home all day?

With that in mind, we invited our collaborating artists to propose an art activity for our little friends who are home with their parents!

These creative activities include painting, collage and experimenting with weird techniques of all kinds that kids can do together with their parents. And since the lockdown is international … ideas come from Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Turkey and the US!

This time we are literally all home and all together we remain creative with the art projects of:

Maria Iconomopoulou (NL/GR) / Victor Κοen (US/GR) / Michel Lamoller (DE) / Elli Lampadaridou / Anabel Leiner (DE) / Ardan Ozmenoglu (TK) / Giannis Palatzidis & Christos Kraniotis / Yorgos Papakarmezis / Maria Paschalidou / Alexandra Roussopoulos (FR) / Anastasis Stratakis / Eleni Sviriadi / George Tserionis / Pantelis Vitaliotis (Magneto) / Marilitsa Vlachaki / Theodoros Zafiropoulos / Katerina Zafiropoulou

We would like to thank the artists for their enthusiastic response. They will be happy to know that you are trying out their ideas, so take a photo and email it to us (info@nitragallery.com) or send it to our social media accoutns (fb: Nitra Gallery / Instagram @nitra_gallery). You can also tag us in your photos!

Check out the ebook here!