Project Description

The human being is this night, this empty nothing, that contains everything in its simplicity—an unending wealth of many presentations, images, of which none happens to occur to him—or which are not present. (…) One catches sight of this night when one looks human beings in the eye—into a night that becomes awful, it suspends the night of the world here in an opposition. In this night being has returned.

(from the manuscript of G.W. Hegel Realphilosophieof 1805–1806)

After the very successful presentation ofYorgos Maraziotis solo exhibition Nightof the World in Athens and New York, the renewed version of it is presented at Nitra Gallery in Thessaloniki.

The exhibition coincides with thepublication and presentation of the book Night of the World by the publication house MER. Paper Kunsthalle(based in Belgium), where the total body of the work of the three exhibitions is included as well as the theoretical text of the art historian and curator Sotirios Bahtsetzis. The bilingual book will be issued in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Yorgos Maraziotis inspired by the reference of the German philosopher G. W. Hegel on the Night of the World, for its new solo show presents a series of sculptural works using natural or artificial medium (ground- charcoal, neon lights, gesso e.t.c) and a series of silkscreen prints that were created by the artist at its 4 month stay in New York.

Maraziotis produces a certain path for the visitor that through the fragility of his media and the textures of his art pieces and also his delicate but jagged 2D forms (that could be seen as 3D depending on the viewing spot) tries to interpret this Night, the emptiness of the human being and the human subconscious that Hegel refers to.

Through the composition of the works, a sanctity is assigned at the space while by leaving some of the areas empty, by treating white and black colors as a “situation” and by exploring the semantics of its media, the installation that the artist proposes is a study on the concept of time, the limits of (our) sensibility and how a vision of the human condition can be perpetuated today.