Project Description

Nitra Gallery presents the exhibition “The mechanics of space”, a show that deals with the different ways Benforado, Katsika, Lamoller, Psoma handle the notion of space either referring to its three-dimensional sense or to its galactic status.

David Benforado works with layers of colours. These different layer reveal themselves slowly to the viewer
Benforado perceives space with color, by creating surfaces that absorb the glance and create a third dimension which initially isn’t visible.

Michel Lamoller creates photographic environments. Working with repetitive image surfaces, creates depth and through these three dimensions gives photography a sculptural element.

Fill Katsika brings two different scales into dialogue. By using large scale geographic maps, Katsika intervenes by drawing surreal creatures and creating unique narratives

Last but not least, Lia Psoma works with pencils, drawing her subjects through a different reading of the term “space”, often referred to space with its galactic meaning.