Project Description

Kostas Loustas
e mar
Curator: Stavroula Mavrogeni

Five years after Kostas Loustas’ death, Nitra Gallery in Thessaloniki presents, in his honor, his 3rd solo show at the gallery. Loustas was multitalented and alongside painting, worked with literature, journalism and music.

The curator of the exhibition Stavroula Mavrogeni notes: “Born in Athens and raised in Florina, Loustas carried with him the visual heritage of Macedonia. His journeys in all over the world strengthened his work with the cosmopolitan air of a different creation and gave to the visual art scene in Thessaloniki a a refreshing new approach to art…
The color palette creates the appropriate contrast of Greek light and adds a lyrical abstraction in his works. However, it would be unfair to include him in a single artistic movement. This is perhaps also the uniqueness of the artist “.

The name of the show is a reference to the song ‘Cielo e mar’ by Mario Del Monaco, whom Loustas met in his return journey from the United States of America, in September 1965.

Nitra Gallery wants to present to the public all these unseen moments of a great artist.

Kostas Loustas (1933-2014) was born in Athens. He was brought up in Florina (northwest of Greece) and he studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1953-8) with Yiannis Moralis being amongst his teachers and mentors. He was a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, and up to 2008, he had been on the board of directors of the Greek State Museum of Contemporary Art. He has presented his work individually (CHANTH, Thessaloniki 1961, Art Thessaloniki 1963, Beltsoy 1965, Chilton 1968, Zaydler London 1969 Internationale N. York 1972, Eggonopoylos 1980, Collection 1983, Roof Filotechnon Florina 1984, Bafopoyleio PK Thessaloniki 1991, PD Thessaloniki 1993) and has taken part in group exhibitions as well. He has published poetry and many articles in national newspapers as both author and critic. In 1977 he received an award from the Society of Greek Writers in Athens.