Project Description

Group Show

Greek Contemporary Painting: The ’80s Generation

Dafni Angelidou/Nikos Angelidis/Kalliopi Asargiotaki /Irini Iliopoulou/
Irini Kana/Dimitris Katsigiannis/Dimitris Koukos/Pavlos Samios


One of the main elements of Contemporary Art internationally is the coexistence of all different media. Even though in the past the interest was in the new and the innovative, in the era of postmodernism artists study the past and its practices and incorporate them in their work, freed from the restrictions of the “vanguard.”

The generation that completes her studies and begins to produce work in the 80s has as a common thread the return to painting, the study of the aspects of their reality, often with an athropocentric approach and an ecological emphasis on nature. This ‘80s generation is in dialogue with their European collegues and the so-called International Transavantgarde; a wave of painting with roots in tradition only to conquer new grounds in painting.

Dafni Angelidou, Nikos Angelidis, Kalliopi Asargiotaki, Irini Iliopoulou,
Irini Kana, Dimitris Katsigiannis, Dimitris Koukos, Pavlos Samios, eight painters representatives of the 80s generation that have influenced Greek Painting through their work, presented together in a group show in Thessaloniki.