Project Description

Giannis Palatzidis

Wrapping Materials 


Nitra Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Giannis Palatzidis in Thessaloniki.
The underlying thread throughout his practice and work in the past years is the concept of “oikos” (family/family property/the house) from where his latest body of work ‘Wrapping Materials” has derived.

Different types of papers, crumpled, intense gestures of painting,  These elements also permeate the artist’s new section entitled Wrapping Materials. What needs protection? What is considered valuable? When is it enough? Palatzidis who has a long experience with the packaging of valuable works, makes his own comment. Palatzidis notes “With great interest, I have witnessed the packaging of valuable works of art, before they end up presented in museums. Big trucks unloading works of great value, in massive wooden boxes. An endless process of unwrapping and at the end small works would be revelead, after the infinite wrapping with various materials”.
Experimental in its approach, this body of work is characterized by a playful mood and bright colors.

Giannis Palatzidis
Giannis Palatzidis was born and raised in Thessaloniki. He studied at the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki and since then he has been working as an artist and as the head of educational programs in various cultural and other art spaces. In 2011 he co-founded Kristiboni painting workshop with which he has taken part in a number of activities and workshops. He has presented his work in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Including:  “SuppArtive students”, New York Design Center. “Why cinema now?”, National Bank Cultural Foundation and Cultural Center. “2nd Painting Lab: AUTh Faculty of Fine Arts”, Museum of Contemporary Art. “Me”, Refugee Museum Thessaloniki, Art Athina 2020 etc