Project Description

Philippos Theodorides

Notes on everyday life


«Expect nothing, do your work, celebrate»

Jules Olitski


Nitra Gallery is pleased to present Notes on Everyday life by Philippos Theodorides in Thessaloniki.

The exhibition will be presented two years after its scheduled date due to the pandemic as it was originally scheduled to be presented in March 2022. How different are the works that compose it now two years later?

The artist writes about the Notes on Every day Life:: “The notes on everyday life are the small moments of my daily life, the notes in my mind, obsessions and thoughts, nostalgia, the mood for creative play. The walks in the city and its sounds, a random photo from the summer, the earthy shades of the landscape of Cyprus that I left behind. The daily friction and love with Nefeli and Sofia. “Everything that reminds me that I am alive and becomes the reason for me to go to my studio every day and paint. The title of the exhibition Notes on Everyday Life has a deeper meaning in light of recent international events.


Using the language of abstraction, the works of the exhibition are characterized by purity of composition and geometric shapes while at the same time the color palette has strong references to the notion of play. The element of rhythm and of motifs, loans of the artist from the field of music, remain the familiar and common denominators of the work of Philippos Theodorides.


Philippos Theodorides (b.1978) was born in Limassol, Cyprus. After studying Art for the Community, at the University of Surrey, Roehampton, he continued his studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts, under Professor Jannis Psychopedis (2003-2008). He is working as a painter and illustrator, collaborating with various galleries and magazines. As an Illustrator, he has won the State Illustration Award for Children’s Literature in 2014, the EBGE price for a publicity illustration (Bold & Ogilvy & Mather) in 2016. He has presented solo shows in Athens and Cyprus and has participated in various group shows in Greece and abroad. He lives and works in Athens.