Project Description

Philippos Theodorides
Common shapes to play with

Limited edition Prints & Ceramics

Nitra Gallery in Thessaloniki is happy to present the new body of work by Philippos Theodorides with limited edition prints, in a pop-up show that will only last three days.

Painting and illustration are important aspects of Theodorides’s new work. Just like abstraction and color. In this exhibition these key elements indicative of his work, are presented through brand new limited edition works on paper along with ceramics.

Theodorides creates collages- pieces of paper, drawings, painting gestures are scanned and the work is completed through digital manipulation.



Philippos Theodorides

Philippos Theodorides was born in Cyprus in 1978. He studied Art for the Community, at the University of Surrey, Roehampton in London from 1999-2002, and then went on to study painting at the School of fine arts in Athens from 2003 2008. He lives and works in Athens.