A year after his solo show ‘Bestiary’ at Nitra Gallery – Athens, Viktor Koen resurrects ‘Alecto’ at the ‘Art As Witness: Political Graphics 2016-18’ exhibition at the SVA Chelsea Gallery in New York, an artwork that premiered at the Benaki Museum in Athens in June 2018 as part of the Athens Photo Festival.


‘Alecto’ at Benaki Museum (photos: Viktor Koen)

“According to Hesiod, Alecto, one of the three Furies in Greek legend, was the goddess of Anger. Charged with punishing those who committed moral crimes against mortals, she executed curses and tortured the guilty with stings of remorse and madness. Here, she personifies an abrupt and violent awakening to demons deeply routed in our culture of inequality, use and abuse.” Viktor Koen on his work.

‘Alecto’ at SVA Chelsea Gallery (photos: www.sva.edu)

Koen is one of the 53 artists that take part in this group exhibition of over 200 satirical and politically charged illustrations, cartoons and animations which comments on the political and social situation in USA.

SVA catalog

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