After the massive success of Viktor Koen’s solo show ‘Bestiary’ at Nitra Gallery – Athens last year, he presents his new solo show “Phenotypes” at Type Directors Club in New York.

This show is featuring award wining ‘Artphabet’ and ‘Sciphabet’ and premiering the ‘Steam Punkphabet’ as works in progress.

Exploring the cross-section between typography and illustration is fascinating, but often challenging to understand. Viktor Koen’s talk for this exhibition opening examined if this duality should be approached as specialty, trend or obsession by providing insights on inspiration, concept and methodology behind the Phenotypes exhibition specimens.

(photos: Viktor Koen)

Viktor Koen is a regular contributor to national and international publications. His prints are exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. Clients include The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Nature, The Economist, TIME, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Fortune, Penguin Random House, TOR, Doubleday and Harper Collins. Viktor serves on the faculty of the School of Visual Arts at both graduate and undergraduate levels, and is SVA’s director of the Illustration Residency Program.

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