The video work of Kalliopi Lemos, “Irrevocable Transformations, 2016” produced specially for the 5thÇanakkale Biennale entitled “Homeland”is a most effective art work that can reach wider audiences.
The visual language of this video is summarizing the crucial truth concealed behind the manipulations of global politics and media.
The video is representing the willful intention of the artist to interfere into the complications of comprehending the ongoing obscurity of the war, terror and the endless misery of people doomed to live within this crisis.

The source of inspiration for this work was the concept of the cancelled 5th International Çanakkale Biennial, which is based on  the philosopher, writer and journalist Villém Flusser’s statement: „Homeland is not an eternal value but rather a function of a specific technology; still, whoever loses it suffers.
This is because we are attached to heimat by many bonds, most of which are hidden and not accessible to consciousness.

Çanakkale Art Walk 2017: Homeland
6. Juni – 6. August 2017 – Osnabrück
Opening: 6th June, 6 pm, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Hasemauer 1