Theodoros Zafeiropolous’s solo show ‘This is my property’ exhibition currently on view at Nitra Gallery – Athens seems to have inspired a lot of reactions!  The show that is part of a greater research project Theodoros has been working on the last 5 years and deals with  issues such as the origin of the soil, the principle of ownership and the peculiarity of the landscape. People from all over the world,  gallery visitors and online friends, have been inspired by its essence and have taken the initiative to share with us their own stories related to the title ‘This is my property’!

Like our friend @gourouni straight from the Jordan desert!

We’ve enjoyed your emails and messages so much, that we want to keep it going! So, now the floor is officially yours!

Get inspired by ‘This is my property’ title and exhibition and share your stories with us @nitra_gallery under the hashtag #thisismyproperty until New Year’s!

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