Project Description

Nitra Gallery with great pleasure presents the new work of the photographer Vesselina Nikolaeva “Yesterday when I was little”. The photographer from Bulgaria has already been awarded for her work in more than four countries with more than eight awards. She has shown her work in more than eleven countries and her work has been published in four books.
The unity “Yesterday when I was little”, which is accompanied with its printed edition, is a story of images and poetry. Dedicated to the artist’s daughter, it imprints the beginning of the story of the young creature. The aim is to mark everything that time and memory might erase as time goes by.
The images interact with short texts/dedications and anticipate attributing meanings that words are not able to describe. Words cannot succeed to link magic with reality. Nikolaeva documents moments of peace, the moments that we have just changed forever.
 “The expression of love is life. Every life conveys a message of kindness. What is a good man, a good woman? Probably, this is an answer that only a child can give. In the innocence of childhood we can see the message of love. I would like to show to my daughter what her message in life is.

I cannot tell her something that she never asked. And I will forget it”. Vesselina Nikolaeva

The exhibition is integrated into the framework of “The Art Galleries propose” program of the Photobiennale program of Photobiennale 2014 Logos of the Photography Museum of Thessaloniki. Simultaneously her work also is presented in the central Photobiennale exhibitionLogos II at the Military Warehouses in the port of Thessaloniki.

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