Project Description

Nitra gallery presents Tasos Pavlopoulos solo show “Happy Days”.

With his usual ironic and caustic spirit, Pavlopoulos comments on different aspects of contemporary life. A characteristic element of his work, is the use of language in order to create episodes in which symbol-personas are the protagonists: The Collector, the Woman-prize, as well as Tarzan, Van Gogh, the porter.

Utilizing the medium of irony, Pavlopoulos manages to take a distance from the events and issues that he refers to and express through his work his very own perception of reality. A harsh reality, which through humor, is set on discussion.

In this exhibition, significance is given on the technique used that has its own symbolism. The facet of each work of art gives the sense of crumpled paper. What could this mean? “Crumpled days, crumpled people, crumpled Art”, as the artist highlights.

In other words, “Happy Days”.