Project Description

In this 12th solo show of Kyriaki the artist is inspired by current times. The artist places a young girl and a ball of thread, as protagonists in her series of short narratives.

In this work, the symbolism of the thread as a ” thread of life” is present. Life, expectations, future, all twisted together into a small thread at the feet of the little girl.

With a clear reference to the adventurous contemporary times, the thread refers also to the myth of Ariadne. Will the girl manage to follow the thread out of the labyrinth, just like another Theseus?

And which of all, is this salutary thread that will ensure her freedom ?

Short Resume

Kyriaki was born in Kavala. She has attended tapestry, painting and hagiography courses. Since 1996 she has presented her work in 12 solo exhibitions and has participated in over 30 group exhibitions. A long list of art historians and critics have writtern: Harry Kambouridis, Stavroula Blackbeard, Katy Stefanaki, Natasha Cholivatou Theodora Pasachidou, Aliki Tsirliagkou & Iris Cretan. She is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts and her works participate  in private collections in Greece and abroad.