Project Description

Black or Blue
Something old,
Something new,
Something black or blue 

Nitra Gallery presents the fourth solo exhibition of Alexia Xafopoulou under the title Black or BlueSomething old, Something new, Something black or blue’. Through the title of the show- which is the known traditional quatrain–metrical from 19th century England, the new work of Alexia Xafopoulou is unfolded. With studies in England and Central Saint Martins, the artist returns to the imprinted images of that era and she renegotiates them through new fermentations. Old images, depicted new in current tense.

“Paintings from photographs and photographs of paintings, different techniques, brush and thread, all legitimate and all available, all cultivate the uncertainty of the beholder. Pixels or mosaic tesserae, painted and embroidered, threads and forms and all painting mediums, connecting painting with the narrative tradition, many levels and layers of narratives .

Images that I print, scan, cut, alter, highlight or remove elements, an ambivalent realism . The color key. I interfere with color, change the feel and atmosphere . An altered reality starting from the real world. I create the image and the photograph remains a documentation tool. Differences in perspective and focus, a direction on the canvas. Where the painting process stops , one is left to consider what has happened before the arrival of these strange fragmentary scenes .” Alexia Xafopoulou


Alexia Xafopoulou was born in Thessaloniki. She studied Law at the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki and continued her studies at the School of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki under Giorgos Golfinos. Her studies were completed on a MA level at London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. It is her fourth solo exhibition and she has participated in many group shows in Greece and abroad, among which in the second and third Biennale of Contemporary Art in Beijing.