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Nitra Gallery participates in Art Athina 2017

20/5/2017 |

Theodoros Zafeiropoulos in the Biennale of Young Artists in Albania

For the very first time, Albania will be the hosting country of the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean.The 18° edition of the Biennale is organised by the Ministry of Culture of Albania, in collaboration with BJCEM, and with the support of the Cities of Tirana and Dürres and Regione Puglia. From [...]

4/5/2017 |

Theodoros Zafeiropoulos’ King Kong (Norway, 2014) is shown at the Digital Art Festival MADATAC in Spain!

Theodoros Zafeiropoulos' King Kong (Norway, 2014) is shown at the  Digital Art Festival MADATAC in Spain as part of the Video Art Miden Project!   More info here  

6/2/2017 |

Theo Prodromidis’ ‘Towards the Bank of the Future’ HDVideo in the National Bank of Greece Art Collection!

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of the artwork Towards the Bank of the Future of the artist Theo Prodromidis by the National Bank of Greece. The National Bank of Greece on the occassion of its 175th anniversary realized a competition for the acquisition of 15 artworks to enrich its Art Collection. Amongst 950 artists, [...]

6/2/2017 |

Yorgos Maraziotis at CICA Museum in South Korea

Yorgos Maraziotis participates in the Concept:Winter 2016 group show at CICA Museum in South Korea. More info here

23/12/2016 |

Kalliopi Lemos at the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki

Kalliopi Lemos participates with the work Boxed Worlds N.6 in the exhibition “Whispers” curated by Maria Maragkou, at the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki. Μore information here.    

3/12/2016 |

Theodoros Zafeiropoulos at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre

Theodoros Zafeiropoulos participates in the exhibition “Art Beats III: The disease of art. The art of disease” organized by the Onassis Schollar Association, at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre. More information here.  

1/12/2016 |

Theo Prodromidis in China

Theo Prodromidis participates in the exhibition of the Nanjing International Art Festival “Historicode: Scarcity and Supply” curated by Lu Peng and Letitia Regalia, with the videos Je meh res hervordringt (2008) and Towards the Bank of the Future (2013). More information here.

30/11/2016 |

2310 Close Up: Stephanie Bertrand / Chryse Tsiota

Close Up: Stephanie Bertrand Stephanie, hi! How did you come across Chryse's work? SB: When I first moved to Thessaloniki, I teamed up with Lydia Chatziiakovou from Artbox to initiate Art Night, a discursive platform addressed to the arts community, which later became Societe Anonyme, in response to a perceived void. It was a way [...]

25/10/2016 |

Michel Lamoller at the Biennale of Illustration & Graphic Art in Berlin

Michel Lamoller participates in the exhibition "Illustrative" - Biennale of Illustration & Graphic Art (Biennale für Illustration und grafische Kunst) in Berlin (14-23/10/16). For more information click here.

21/10/2016 |